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Episode 34 - The Main Road

Welcome to the Juras-Sick Park-Cast podcast, the Jurassic Park podcast about Michael Crichton's 1990 novel Jurassic Park, and also not about that, too. 

Find the episode webpage at: Episode 34 - The Main Road.

In this episode, my terrific guest ReBecca Hunt-Foster joins the show to chat with me about:

State nomenclature, grade school dinosaur units, paleontologist origins stories, Arkansaurus fridayi, ornithomimids, Dr. James H. Quinn, Dinosaur National Monument and its history, deinocheirus, Kimmeridgian Morrison Formation, Moab and Nedcolbertia, all the famous dinosaurs: stegosaurus, apatosaurus, allosaurs, and more!, reading Jurassic Park, Colorado State Fossil Stegosaurus, a baby stegosaurus!, running stegosaurs, the thagomizer, camptosaurus, dryosaurus, sauropods, and more on stegosaurs, their thagomizers, their necks, their tales, injuring allosaurs, describing the Late Jurassic of Utah, Jurassic vegetation and botany, burrowing ornithischians, Oryctodromeus cubicularis, finding fossils and documenting everything, bunny hands in paleoart, and much more!
You can find ReBecca Hunt-Foster's website here:  and learn more about the Dinosaur National Monument here.
Plus dinosaur news about:

Featuring the music of Snale 

Intro: Death of a Dream.  Outro: Sleepyhead.

The Text:

Fourth Iteration

“Inevitably, underlying instabilities begin to appear” (p. 179).

This week’s text is The Main Road, spanning from pages 181-191.


Big Rex knocks down the fences in the storm, and ominously directs her terrifying attention upon everyone in the Land Cruisers. Ed Regis wets his pants and runs away, but everyone else is left in the tyrannosaur’s devastating path. Lex’s screams are cut off by the lowering of the tyrannosaur’s head, Malcolm is flung like a rag doll, Tim is trapped in the Land Cruiser, which the tyrannosaur throws into the top of a tree, and Grant has a moment of discovery, realizing that if he remains absolutely still, the tyrannosaur can’t see him – but then it kicks at him, and he blacks out upon hitting the ground. 

Discussions surround:

Movie adaptations, The Dinosaurs, Believe me, I know! and The Iterations.


For an upcoming “Allusions” section I was reviewing one of the fundamental biotech companies that Crichton references – and I realized I’ve been saying and spelling it totally wrong – because I can’t see or something? What I’ve been calling “Genetech” all this time is actually Genentech with a second N stuck in the middle!

Side effects: 

May cause fits of terror and urination in your pantaloons.

Thank you!

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Thank you, dearly, for tuning in to the Juras-Sick Park-Cast, the Jurassic Park podcast where we talk about the novel Jurassic Park, and also not that, too. Until next time! 

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